Monday, August 23, 2010

Furious Five...

Krappy got a call yesterday from the people making the new Fast and The Furious movie, and they want his R33 in the movie, and for good reason. Shit is sexy. My car will still beat it though. Unfortunately were both blown head gasket right now so we cant really test it out yet. He says I'm a pussy for not running it but i don't want to fuck my shit up more than it is.

This kid always has badass cars, hes like 20 and has already owned a S15 and now a R33.. Baller.

heres a pic of his old s15, then he got rid of it after he did a RB26 swap in it, to get the skyline, he traded RIP Garage for their R33. The next pic is after RIP garage got a hold of it.

wheels on that S15 look familiar? They are the ones Krappy now has on his R33. Haha.

Pat went to ISO.

and got some hella sick, hella cool, hella flush pics brahhhhhh. I love how his car looks now wingless. So much more cleaner looking..

This is how we chill from 93 til..

Brians Infiniti M30 looking very sick now with the Cobra Reps.

Took some shots of it today up in Buford.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


You should know i like dubstep, so heres a sick mix for y'all.

Dirty South Thugstep Vol 3 by djhipnotikk

also heres the current state of my car... been sitting here for a month. still blown head gasket.. soon will be hitting the streets.